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From any position, Stacy looks good enough to fuck, and she’s tried them Girlfriend Vault all! She pumps her luscious young body down over his rampaging cock. Something’s got to give! And there he goes, jerking and pumping and squirting his load of cream! That Stacy’s one hell of a fuck! Versatile porn star Marc Wallice demonstrates how to give head. Watch this guy in action. After being in hundreds of X-rated films, he’s learned how to turn ladies on. The luscious starlet impaled on his dipstick agrees: “Marc turned me on from the start. It’s not just the way he ate me out,” confesses his co-star, “It’s the fact that he’s cute and has a big dick that realty gets me wet!”

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“Wow! Was I excited when I checked out my GirlfriendVault co-star for the shooting that day. This stud was hot! And he had a rod-on for me from the first second I walked onto the set. Just looking at him made my clit purr.” ‘‘When a guy Is good looking, it makes all the difference to me. And this one was a hunk. I devoured his thick joint with relish when It came time for the big blow job scene. I wanted this man to remember my mouth.” “I could tell when he was going to cum. His cock stiffened up even more. I could almost smell cum In the air, even before he shot. Reluctantly I pulled my lips away from his hot dick. I wanted to swallow his fluid, but they wanted the cum shot on Girlfriend Vault film.”

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I was scouting around the campus of University looking fot the kind of fresh, new to ed fare that is hard for a tired professional photographer to find. I wanted to run into the kind of little girl I used to know back in Canton, Ohio, the winter I was i6 and got a Leica for my birthday. In the wars I had teallv learned to use that camera and had finally come to New York to free lance, it seemed that such pretty, simple creatures had entirely vanished from the earth. Columbia campus that day looked disrom aginglv sophisticated. A stranger to the Girlfriend Vault campus might have blinked and thought he had wandered into an open air session of a junior United Nations.

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A turbaned Moslem from Hyderabad walked by with a doll-like GirlfriendVault girl sheathed in a slit-skirted oriental dress. A Latin pre law student fiom Brazil was chatting with a boy from Kansas and two dainty Brahman women students in saris. The atmosphere was sadly international, as all things seem to have become in the world of the Hell-bomb. Perhaps, I thought, slumping down on the library steps, there isn’t any such thing ns a fresh co-ed type anymore. Then I saw the girl sauntering by the gilded statue of Alma Mater and absently balancing the stack of looks on her head. For a moment her face, sweet and simple as “Stardust” at a Girlfriend Vault prom, seemed to restore something in me.

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